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  • Seasonal Produce Map 06/03/08

    Veganomics Lesson One: Shop for in-season produce. Aside from lower costs and less travel time, fruits and vegetables are tastiest when they are in-season. Here is an awesome tool from to find out what produce is in season for any area of the country: Peak-Season Map Use this interactive map to see what's fresh in any area, plus find ingredient descriptions,...

    The Scoop on Spices 06/05/08

    Vegamonics Lesson Two: How long do spices and dried herbs last? While tinkering with the Moroccan Eggplant recipe, I found myself considering the saffron I purchased several months ago and never used. Given that spices and herbs can at times be an expensive investment for any cook's kitchen, I wondered just when do these costly yet necessary item expire? To answer my question, I went...

    The Carbon Footprint of Food 06/12/08

    Vegamonics Lesson Three: Reducing carbon footprints. By far, red meat was the biggest culprit in a life-cycle assessment of greenhouse gases, with dairy products in second. Surprisingly, chicken, fish, and eggs fair slightly better than fruit and vegetables. "Transportation creates only 11% of the greenhouse gases that an average U.S. household generates annually as a result of food consumption. The agricultural and industrial practices that go into growing and harvesting food are responsible...

    a note about parmesan cheese 06/01/07

    Parmesan cheese is one of my favorite kitchen staples. It can perk-up leftovers or a so-so frozen dinner, it adds flavor to salads or steamed veggies, and it goes great with pasta. When it comes to buying parmesan cheese, I suggest an upgrade from the freeze-dried powdery substance. If you are willing to pay almost $5 for a gourmet cup of coffee, why not splurge a little on some great cheese? Whole blocks of parmesan cheese or (parmigiano-reggiano) aren't that expensive and can add another dimension to...

    Paprika-thon! 06/22/07

    According to many sources, paprika is a much under-used and under-appreciated spice in the American household. Paprika, which is made from sweet Spanish peppers, is a savory spice that is also available smoked. It adds a sweet, spicy kick to dishes. Most people use paprika as a garnish topping for deviled eggs or potato salad, but paprika doesn't actually give off much flavor unless it is heated. Lately, I've been using paprika with chicken, pasta sauce, soup, and over veggies. It's also great on baked...

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