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  • How to Stuff an Eggplant: A Tutorial 11/29/09

    Stuffed eggplant sounds pretty sophisticated, but it is actually quite easy to do and not as labor intensive as you might think. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to prepare stuffed eggplant (along with some ideas for the filling). Bits and pieces of the information below have already been posted on various other recipes, but I've condensed all the information so it is all in one place.                   First, when selecting an eggplant, look for one with...

    Holiday Baking 11/25/07

    It's that time of year again. My favorite part of winter? Baking season! Christmas cookies, hot cocoa, fudge, candy canes, and more. I love the smell of baking and spices floating through the apartment, and the warmth of the oven filling the kitchen. I'm looking forward to incorporating new ingredients and spices into my baking this year, such as hazelnuts, peppermint, and butterscotch. Some holiday spices to look for (adapted from

    Creating a Menu 11/02/06

    Planning a party or just want to cook something for dinner? Putting a menu together can be difficult, so I always break it down into three easy pieces: 1. Meat (poultry, beef, pork or fish) 2. Starch (tortillas, rice, pasta, potatoes) 3. Veggies (broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, etc) First, choose your meat or main dish. Next, match your sides with the main dish you are going to prepare. Here's a general guide, depending on the style of dish you want to make: 1. Asian: rice, broccoli, carrots,...

    Creating a Menu: Chicken w/ Cider and Bacon Sauce 11/02/06

    Here's a step-by-step illustration of creating a menu. Step 1: Choose a main dish. In this case, Chicken w/ Cider and Bacon Sauce, which is an American dish. Step 2: Choose starch and veggies. Since this is an American dish, stick with potatoes and green beans or carrots. Step 3: Look for common themes in the different dishes. Use common flavors to pull the meal together. Example: Cheddar & Cider Scallop Potatoes and Sautéed Green Beans With Bacon. Another option: Apple-Glazed Carrots With...

    Bagged Pre-cut Pre-washed Veggies 11/09/06

    I love using bagged pre-cut, pre-washed veggies because it saves time (though probably not money) and pieces are cut to perfect precision. With recent health scares, however, I'm more cautious about how I use raw fruits and veggies in general. Here are some tips from the FDA and USDA (mostly pertaining to the spinach recall): 1.) Do not to eat raw spinach or blends with date codes of October 1 or earlier that have been distributed by companies subject to recalls. 2.) Eat all frozen or canned spinach...

    White & Wild Rice 11/21/06

    For a easy and tasty side dish, try white & wild rice blend (or brown & wild rice), but instead of cooking in water, use chicken broth for a richer flavor. Follow the packaged directions for proportions (usually 2 cups broth for 1 cup rice) and add 1 tbsp of butter for each 1 cup of dry rice mix. Keep in mind this is not instant rice, depending on how many servings you are preparing, the rice could take 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. Start the rice mix first then make the rest of your meal (rice...

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